MLB Betting Florida

Major League Baseball (MLB) has become one of the top sports in Florida. It should be, with the Tampa Bay Rays and the Miami Marlins representing the state in the league.

There are also 28 other teams you can wager on, featuring over 162 games in one season.

Latest MLB Odds

Before we go into the technical detail, we’re sure you’re interested in the latest MLB odds. We have gathered the best Online Sports Betting sites in Florida who provide the best MLB odds.

Feel free to take a look at what’s available and how MLB betting looks.

Types of MLB Baseball Bets

Sports betting on the MLB markets can be tricky for new punters. If you’ve never placed a bet before, you might not understand what the odds and terms mean.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide, to aid you in MLB betting in Florida.

You’ll find details on the different types of MLB bets that you can make. Moreover, we’ll reveal which teams and players you should focus on.

You can also find the latest MLB odds here, as well as the best tips on MLB betting.

With so many MLB games available every season, there’s a large variety of MLB betting markets. Not all bets are the same, as there are different types that you can choose.

Types of MLB Baseball Bets

It’s better that you acquaint yourself with the forms of MLB betting to improve your chances of winning. This section covers the top types of MLB betting in Florida.

MLB Run Line

This form of wagering is also known as spread betting. The bookie will use their experience in reading statistics, presenting odds values for the game. These figures represent the winning margin, indicated by the number of runs.

There are two boxes of information for Run Line bets. Each box presents a potential match result, together with the points spread. Favored team to win has a minus next to it, with a plus representing the underdog.

Here’s an example of what you may see:

  • Miami Marlins -2.5 / Tampa Bay Rays +2.5
  • Tampa Bay Rays -5.5 / Miami Marlins +5.5

The top box reveals a higher probability due to the lower points spread. However, you’ll receive less of a profit if you win that bet. The second box holds a lower chance of winning with higher earnings.

So how does it work? In the first line, Miami must win by three runs more for your wager on them to win. If you bet on Tampa Bay, you’ll win your bet as long as Miami doesn’t win with a lead of three or more.

The same principle applies in the second line, except that Tampa Bay must lead by six runs for your bet to win. As you can see, this type of bet relies on winning margins. You should know your teams before taking this type of bet.

MLB Moneyline

Moneyline bets are more straight forward. You’ll wager on the team to win instead. It doesn’t matter by how many runs they lead, as long as they win the game.

As with Run Line bets, minus odds reflect the favorite team to win, and plus odds are for the underdogs. You may see Miami hold odds of -250 with Tampa Bay at +500. It doesn’t present probability, but rather the ratio of your stake to the potential payout.

The negative value represents how much you need to stake to win $100. Alternatively, the positive value indicates how much you’ll win if you stake $100. If you bet on the team with the minus, you have a better chance of winning, but the profit is smaller.

An important aspect to know about is the MLB rules. To not run into any unwanted surpris, make sure you know all the betting rules needed to be involved in MLB sports betting.

Baseball Parlays

A parlay refers to a single bet, wherein you place wagers on numerous games. It’s hard to win a parlay bet, as losing one of the matches means you lose your entire stake. You’ll understand why once you grasp the concept of how parlays work.

After you select your bets over several games, you must indicate the first stake in the first match. If you win that bet, then the payout becomes the stake for the next game. This process continues until all games finish.

Baseball Parlays

Should you lose one of these bets, there won’t be a payout. It’s therefore impossible for the system to place a stake on the next game. As soon as this happens, your entire parlay fails.

Some sportsbooks offer a parlay promotion that insures your parlay against a loss. However, instead of paying you any winnings up until the loss, you’ll receive your original stake. Often you get this as a freebet, which means you aren’t really getting the money back.

However, It still serves as a way to protect you if a game doesn’t go your way.


You may have heard of over/under or totals betting. This betting system helps when you aren’t sure which team will win. Instead of wagering on a specific outcome, you’ll bet on whether teams will reach a total number of runs in the game. 

A bookie will present this market with three numbers. The first number is the total runs for the game. The second number represents the ‘over’ odds, followed by the ‘under’ odds. For our game between Miami Marlins and Tampa Bay Rays, you may see values like these:

  • 6.5
  • Over (-140)
  • Under (+160)

In this game, you’ll wager whether the total runs will go over or under 6.5 runs. Should the match end with a final score of ‘4-5’, you will win the ‘over’ odds. However, a score of ‘3-1’ wins with the ‘under’ odds.

First 5 Innings

If you’re concerned about betting on the entire game, then wager on the results after the first five innings. Your bet will be on which team will be leading as soon as the fifth inning ends. It may sound easy, but some factors can affect the results.

The game usually lists the first pitchers before it begins. Many baseball punters use this information for their bets. However, pitchers can change at the last minute, altering the game’s expected flow and pace.

The bookmaker has the same problem. The odds also rely on the starting lineup. Should the pitchers change, you could benefit from the inaccurate prediction.

Betting against the bookmaker’s prediction may result in high winnings. Most bookmakers would void all previous bets, if there is a pitcher change before the game begins.

Both Moneyline and Run Line odds are available for First 5 Innings betting. Since there’s less information at hand, bookmakers place less favorable odds. However, it means that you’ll have a safer bet than any market for the entire game.

Prop Bets

Props stand for Propositions. You’ll wager on props odds when betting on any stats for events during a game. Some of the markets can have Moneyline, Run Line, and Over/Under odds.

The bookie will present props for stats that may occur. These markets include betting which team will score the first run and total runs in the first four innings. Furthermore, you have short- and long-term props.

Short-term props look at events happening during a current game. Examples include how many bases a team will claim within an inning. It provides an opportunity for you to receive winnings sooner, usually after the market results appear.

You’ll wait longer for the outcome of your long-term props. Your bets are for stats long in advance, sometimes a few months ahead. Moreover, it looks at overall results, such as the team’s hitting rate for the entire season.


Futures, or ante-post betting, provides another long-term wagering method. Some bookmakers will open markets before an MLB season begins, giving you the chance to bet on some predictions. So, if you feel the Miami Marlins will take the season, then you can wager on it.

For the future

The odds are more significant, as the outcome is harder to predict. Winning a future bet often results in a massive payout. However, you’ll mostly follow your instincts, as there are few stats to use to help decide on the possible winner.

The main ingredient is bankroll management. You should only wager money on future bets that you can afford to lose. You can also practice stake management, where you work on a system of how much you will stake per bet.

Besides betting on the outright winner of the season, there are other types of markets available. You can also bet on awards earned during the MLB season. Furthermore, there’s the option of Over/Under for total team wins.

However, it’s important to remember that these bets freezes the money for a long time, thus, some bettors prefer bets with quicker payots.

Player Props

Player props are similar to team props. You’ll bet on stats as they apply to specific players. It doesn’t matter what the game result is, as long as the player performs in a certain way.

You can also bet on short-term and long-term props. The former allows you to wager on stats within matches. Alternatively, the latter looks at player statistics over the season.

Examples of player props include the following:

  • Number of runs
  • Number of hits
  • Number of home runs
  • Whether a player will hit a home run
  • Whether a player will steal a base;
  • Number of runs or hits of the first player against the second player

Instead of studying team performance, you must research specific players. It helps if you learn the patterns and trends of players over the season. If a player is known for hitting a certain number of runs in a game, then that market could be a sure bet.

Top MLB Events to Bet on

There are certainly some events to look forward to in the future. Expert baseball punters know which are the top clashes in the MLB. Bookies usually have high prices for these spectacular events.

The World Series

You may also be interested in betting on the baseball World Series. The championship consists of MLB teams from the American League and National League. Teams facing each other fighting to bring home the World Series victory to their fans.

World Series

This is by far the biggest baseball event on the world and the sportsbooks usually provides great extra value for the ones want to place some bets on the event.

Best MLB Teams to Bet on

Different teams have various qualities that make them excel over other teams. However, the best strategy is to determine in which betting markets they provide quality performance.

While they contend for the top side to win the league, they may not be the favorite side against specific rivals.

Here are the top three MLB teams for the season so far, specifically for Over/Under odds.

  • Oakland Athletics
  • New York Yankees
  • Los Angeles Dodgers

Basic MLB Betting Tips

With so many games happening every day in the MLB season, it may be hard to find the best baseball markets. On the other hand, it presents many opportunities to make a profit. This section looks at essential tips for MLB betting in Florida.

Bookies usually price favorites highly. They try to make the most profits off the public opinion, as gamblers will bet on the top teams no matter what the odds are. Therefore, stay away from the favorites as much as possible.

Experts often say that you need to win at least 52% of your bets to break even. One way to improve your chances is to wager on ‘plus’ underdogs. You might lose your stake, but there’s also the likelihood you’ll win high profits.

Reverse line movements

Another tip is to look out for reverse line movements. While watching the line, you may see it moving in the opposite direction.

This movement usually happens when the action changes in the game in favor of the losing team. You can take advantage of high odds before it moves too far.

You must pay attention to the weather. Since baseball deals with ball height and velocity, the strength of the wind can have a massive effect. It can turn small hits into home runs, or send soaring balls into track outs. 

Studying the umpire can also be to your advantage. You can learn trends and patterns in their calls, or if the pressure of the crowds influences decisions.

These tendencies to behave in a specific manner can help you decide which bets are worth taking, specifically for team props.

The last piece of advice is to practice bankroll management. Before betting on a game, decide how much to spend in total and per bet. Stick to your decision, and don’t blow it all on a single wager.

Live MLB Betting – Where to Bet Live on MLB

Live MLB betting lets you wager on events that take place during a game. Unlike pre-match markets closing before a match begins, the live markets open and settle through the game. This feature increases the thrill and action of baseball betting.

You’ll see the same type of betting systems, as explained at the beginning of the article. However, the action is instant. There are markets for each inning as well as after every stoppage.

Furthermore, you may find a few more markets not listed in the pre-match lobby.

Some MLB betting strategies apply to in-play markets. Firstly, pay attention to the line movement or change in odds value. While the market value might not be attractive at first, a shift in the game may cause it to become more appealing. Place your bet at the right time.

Arbitrage betting, short-term player and team props.

You can also use Arbitrage betting with in-play markets. This technique requires you to place a back bet with your bookie, and then a lay stake at a betting exchange. While the lay bet will be an opposing wager, it will cover any losses on the back bet.

We’ve already mentioned short-term player and team props. The live NBA arena is the perfect place to bet on these markets. The action is instant, the markets change quickly, and you’ll have moments to place your bets on props.

Use your research of teams, players, and umpires to your advantage. If anything, live betting provides the best time to test your knowledge of how players perform during a game. As soon as you notice the match following a previous trend, pay attention to the shift in line movement.

History of MLB in Florida

Florida’s relationship with MLB goes as far back as 1888. The Washington Nationals moved down to Jacksonville to practice for the coming season. While the team stayed for three weeks, Florida wouldn’t see the MLB presence for another 15 years.

The American League champion, Athletics, spent the spring training period in Florida in 1903. The team suffered a significant loss in the season, with Manager Mack blaming Jacksonville’s seductive temptations for distracting the team. They wouldn’t return to Florida for the next 11 years.

However, 1913 welcomed the Chicago Cubs in Tampa for training. Tampa’s mayor promised to cover some of the team’s expenses if the team blessed Florida with its presence. Before the 1914 season started, four MLB teams were practicing in the sunny state.

Florida became a “Premier training ground”

For three springs after 1915, the Philadelphia Phillies made Florida their training ground home. It was during this period that the Grapefruit League started to form. After the team won 14 out of 15 games, Florida became known as a premier training ground for MLB teams.

The McKechnie Field was developed in 1923, during a time when the New York Yankees won the World Series. Babe Ruth was a legend, with tourists following him through the streets of St. Petersburg. Out of the 16 MLB teams, ten trained in Florida by 1929.

It was in 1934 when the Detroit Tigers found a home in Lakeland. The city bought Adair Field in 1924, renaming it Henley Field. The Tigers would remain at the field until 1966 when the Joker Marchant Stadium became available.

When World War 2 erupted, MLB teams weren’t allowed to travel. It was only in 1946 when the teams could freely move around to prepare under warm conditions. In 1947, the Dodgers established a home at a former airbase in what is known as Dodgertown.

Over the years, teams developed more stadiums and fields. Thirty-six Florida sites have provided training areas to MLB teams. Out of all the league teams, only six haven’t trained in Florida as yet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, you can. Most of the states in the U.S accepts online sports betting. However, not yet Florida state.

Once you have registered with a bookmaker, place a deposit into your account. As soon as the funds are available, head on over to the sports section. You’ll find baseball listed on the menu.

Most bookies feature MLB League games in the baseball section. Select a game you want to bet on, which will then reveal the available markets. You can bet on pre-match, in-play, or ante-post markets.

After you select a market or game to wager on, the bet slip will appear. Choose the stake size as well as the odds you prefer. You can then submit your bet.

Today, almost every sports betting site online provides an sportsbook app for their customers. Just go to Play Store on android or App stor on iOs to download your favorite sportsbooks mobile app.

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