Guide to Virtual Sports in Florida

From golf to baseball, Florida is one of the epicenters of athletics. In between seasons, it can be boring if you don’t have any sports to watch. Luckily, that’s no longer a problem!

Virtual Sports have been the craze of the online world at the start of this new decade. These simulated professional athletic events are entertaining for die-hard sports fans and bettors alike. 

When you can’t access your favorite NBA, NFL, and MLS games on TV, you can turn to your computer for some virtual action. Thanks to new and innovative technologies, the experience is more real than ever. Games and races feature high-quality graphics, sounds, and offer a whole new level of convenience.

In this guide, we'll go over the history of Virtual Sports and where you can find them. We'll also cover the betting landscape in general, as well as the specifics relevant to enthusiasts based in the "Sunshine State."

What is Virtual Sports?

Virtual Sports are quite like their real-life counterpart, except for the fact that they're simulated. They are electronic games and races that are generated by the software. The events are highly regulated, and sportsbooks that feature these games and races offer extensive coverage of odds and player performance.

Types of Virtual Sports

You can find a simulated version of almost any of your favorite sports. From classic racing to the more obscure competitions, developers have come up with something for everyone. 


Racing is one of the most popular categories of Virtual Sports. It is also one of the most accessible to bet on. No matter what kind of race you're betting one, wagering is similar. In virtual racing, the random number generator determines the final outcome of the competition. 

Picking a winner is the most straightforward betting option. Another option, which will minimize your risk, is to choose an each-way bet. What this means is if your racer finishes in first or second place, it still pays out. 

The riskiest bets in virtual racing are forecast and tricast. These bets are when the punter either predicts the first two or three finishers. The outcome must be the exact order for the punter to win the bet. 

Horse Racing

When most people think of classic sports gambling, the first thing that comes to mind is horse racing. Virtual horse racing adds a whole new angle. These races recreate the environment of the tracks digitally with high-quality animations and more. 


iRacing is one of the most classic genres for betting. The world’s premier simulated motorsports are thrilling to watch and offer exciting betting opportunities. 


Many people who are opposed to real-life greyhound racing but still want to get in on the action will be happy to know that there are virtual events for this gambling pastime. Today greyhound racing is illegal in 40 states, but virtually, it's totally legal. This sport is becoming more and more popular among sports betting enthusiasts. 


You'll be interested in virtual cycling if you're a fan of the Tour de France or other major races. The betting markets are easy to understand, highly entertaining, and similar to horse-racing in many ways. 

Traditional Sports

As major leagues are canceling seasons, fans and bettors alike are turning to their screens for some fast action. Some of the top Virtual Sports mimic the real deal, and you'll feel like you're in the stadium. 

American Football

Many online sportsbooks offer betting options on simulated NFL games. These are similar to the real deal in that you can place your wager on the money line, point spread, and the over-under. The CPU runs games in 15 minute quarters, and graphics make it feel like you're right in the stadium with the fans. 


One of the most exciting simulated sports that you can vote on is tennis. You can place wagers on the outcomes of tournaments, individual points, and single matches. It's very similar to wagering on real-life tennis, and the key is in the In-Play markets. 


Basketball is a fast-paced game. Virtual NBA is growing in popularity, and the developers are tuning into the demand. The graphics and animation are of high quality, and it's fast-paced. The gameplay is smooth, so you never miss out. 

Combat Sports

Who'll win the fight? Only the random number generator knows. In virtual combat sports, you'll be betting on who's the first to get KOed, who comes out on top, or any other of your favorite fighting wagers. 


Soccer is one of the most popular games globally. On the top sportsbooks, you can find your favorite teams from around the world. Checking on odds and placing bets is fast, convenient, and fun. 

Betting on Virtual Sports in Florida 

Whenever you’re considering betting on sports, one of the first things to do is to look at your local rules and regulations. Gambling is not legal in every state in the US, though the legal landscape regarding the matter has been evolving in the past few years. 

Wondering if you can place bets on your favorite sports in Florida?  Let's go over the current legal status of betting in the Sunshine State. 

Is Virtual Sports betting/gambling legal in the US? In Florida?

Betting on virtual sports betting is legal in the US, but not in every state. As of this time of writing, it is illegal to bet on online sports betting, online casinos, and video poker in Florida. 

Betting on sportsbooks of any kind is illegal in the state. Unfortunately, there is no pending legislation concerning online sports betting, so it doesn't look like this landscape will change in the near future. 

Where is Virtual Sports betting legal?

It's legal to bet on sports (virtual or real) in six US states: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Indiana, West Virginia, and Rhode Island. In these jurisdictions, bettors can place bets on mobile apps or through their favorite online sportsbook. 

How does Virtual Sports betting work?

In terms of betting, virtual sports are similar to real-world games and races. The difference between the two is that the online sportsbook picks the schedule. This means that there are more events available for you to enjoy year-round. 

The mechanics are the same as with standard sports betting. You can find the odds displayed similarly. You can bet on the money line, player propositions, and even more complicated wagers. If you're on a sportsbook's site or app, it's straightforward to navigate to where you need to be to place a bet. 

What is the best Virtual Sports betting strategy?

Even though the outcomes are computer-generated, they're still entirely random. That said, there's still a betting strategy involved if you want to make a profit. Always take the time to look at the odds and bet accordingly. 

Beginners should bet small amounts often, instead of making a risky and potentially expensive call. Target shorter-priced selections. If you want to make things more interesting, back more than one selection in a virtual race. 

Does Virtual Sports betting software work?

The software that powers these sports betting simulates a fantasy sporting event by coding it to follow a set number of rules. All of the outcomes are determined by a random number generator. Some also take into account player and racer performance stats. 

You can rest assured, knowing that the outcomes are entirely unbiased. They are determined by a complex algorithm, which makes it highly unlikely that you'll find any scams. However, whenever you're gambling online, it's essential to do your research and avoid rogue operators. 

What are the top Virtual Sports betting secrets?

There is no secret to winning big in gambling. When it comes down to it, most of betting involves luck. While you can become more skilled at betting on a sport, a lot of that comes with time and knowledge of various teams and athletes. 

Popularity of Virtual Sports

Today Virtual Sports are becoming increasingly trendy. This genre allows individuals to tap into their competitive side any time year, from anywhere in the world. 

What are the biggest Virtual Sports games?

Soccer, basketball, horse racing, and cycling are some of the most popular sports to bet on. Other popular games that are a bit more popular virtually than they are in the real-world include darts, greyhound racing, and cricket. 

When did Virtual Sports become popular?

While Virtual Sports have been around for over a half of a century, they're just now becoming mainstream. Much of this recent popularity is due to technological advancements, and the offered convenience.

Where/How to Watch Virtual Sports in Florida

You can still enjoy the entertainment even though you can't place bets in Florida. In this section, we'll go over where and how to watch your favorite simulated games and races. 

Where to watch Virtual Sports

Many online sportsbooks offer channels where you can enjoy the top simulated sports and place bets. If you're in Florida and don't have access to these platforms, you still have options. You can enjoy Madden Football, Pro Cycling, eNASCAR, and more on 

How to watch Virtual Sports

To live stream virtual games, races, and tournaments, you have to have an account with a reputable sportsbook that offers online sports betting. You can sign up with Steam if you want to watch your favorites just for fun. 

History of Virtual Sports

Though you may think that Virtual Sports are a relatively new phenomenon, that's not the case. In reality, it's been almost sixty years since the first sports game was coded on a computer.

When did Virtual Sports start?

While sports betting has been around for centuries, the industry has evolved rapidly with the changing technological landscape. One of the most significant developments was with the computer boom in the 1980s. Since then, it has witnessed a considerable boost with the growth of sports betting online and simulated events. 

When was Virtual Sports created?

Virtual Sports was created in 1961, with the first game programmed on a computer using a random number generator. 

Who invented Virtual Sports?

1961 was the first time Virtual Sports were played on a computer. John Burgeson coded a fantasy baseball game for an IBM 1630 that included play-by-play description. In this game, two teams were competing using a random number generator as well as player statistics to determine the outcome.

This game that laid the foundation for these simulated sports was coded on a computer with only 20 KB in memory and was entirely self-contained. Of course, modern computers have motion capture technology, so the animations today are far superior. 

When was the first tournament?

There's no record of the first-ever virtual tournament, though recent years have seen many 'firsts.' The year 2020 has been witness to the virtual competitions for a range of classic sports. 

The Grand National is one of the most classic events, especially for sports betting enthusiasts. While 2020 was the first time that the Virtual Grand National replaced the real thing, it wasn't the first-ever. The first of its on the eve of the race as an ITV special. 

Many other leading professional sports organizations have also moved into the virtual world, including the NBA, Formula One, and FIFA. These leagues all have license deals with the top video game developers such as EA, 2K, and Codemasters. 

The Industry

The global Virtual Sports betting market is growing at rapid speed. There are a variety of factors that are impacting this boost. In a holistic sense, the industry is developing due to changes in demographic conditions, business cycles, and a shift in market paradigms. 

How much is the Virtual Sports industry worth?

According to the firm Casey Research, the legal Virtual Sports betting industry will soon be worth $100 billion. Much of this is because there is a skyrocketing demand for betting on simulated online sports. This is because major league seasons have been canceled due to COVID-19. 

What are the major Virtual Sports providers?

Many companies develop the software and provide the services to allow for all of the simulated action to happen. 

The top providers in this industry include:

  • Betradar
  • Golden Race
  • 1x2 Gaming
  • Leap Gaming
  • Kiron Interactive
  • NSoft
  • Ladbrokes
  • SkyBet
  • Bet365 
  • William Hill
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Is Virtual Sports rigged?

Outcomes in Virtual Sports are determined by a random number generator.

Is Virtual Sports betting legal in the US?

Yes, but legality varies. There is no federal law prohibiting gambling online, and it’s left up to the states. It’s available in selected casinos in Nevada and online as well.

Where can I legally bet on Virtual Sports?

If you live in Florida, you cannot legally bet on Virtual Sports. New Jersey is one state where you can find legal sportsbooks to place your bets.

What is the biggest Virtual Sports gambling win?

The biggest win in Virtual Sports betting was $200,000 on the iGaming leader DraftKings. Whether you’re watching the biggest races or simulated matches, there’s an opportunity to win big.

Can you cheat in Virtual Sports?

No. It's highly unlikely that you could cheat as most of the programs come with built-in cheat protection.

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